Donna Bare

Donna Bare

Modern Woodmen membership is about relationships. We take time to get to know you and your needs. Get to know me and how we might connect.

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At work

At work

At work

Why I do what I do

Why I do what I do

I chose this career because it’s all about helping others. I help my members plan for a secure financial future.

I serve members in…

Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina, and Georgia.

I can help you plan for life using a variety of tools, including…

life insurance and annuities.

I enjoy working with…

families and people of all ages.

I attended…

Elizabethton High School, Hampton High School and East Tennessee University.

I am very proud of…

earning Century Club status, multiple awards, being named class leader during Career School, and receiving the 2021 Career Development Award.

I chose Modern Woodmen because…

I believe in the organization -- not only for how it supports members to help them reach their financial goals, but also for the way it supports my community and allows me to give back.

The best part of my career is…

helping my members. Whether it's planning for their retirement, planning for their children's college or protecting their families with life insurance, I feel good knowing I helped make a positive impact on their lives.

A favorite moment in my career was when…

I can't really pick just one. My favorite moments are when I can help someone. Whether it's by delivering a life insurance check after their loved one has passed away (to provide funds that give them time to mourn without worrying about money), building a wheelchair ramp for someone who needs it, or raising money for a nonprofit organization, all are special moments to me.

“I chose this career because it’s all about helping others. I help my members plan for a secure financial future.”
At home

At home

At home

My life outside of work

My family includes…

my oldest daughter, Chelsie, her husband, Zach, and my first grandson, Emerson. My youngest daughter, Charli and my soon-to-be son-in-law, Eli.

In my free time, you can find me…

spending time with my family, at my church, volunteering, playing with our dogs and traveling.

I’m passionate about…

God and my family.

My greatest blessing is…

my family and my health. My grandson Emerson is my greatest joy.

My personal motto is…

if you work really hard and are kind, amazing things will happen.

Community impact

In the community

In the community

My local community impact

I have lived in my community…

my entire life.

What I like best about my community is…

the amazing people. It's home. I love my small community.

I’m a member of…

volunteer organizations.

My favorite volunteer activities are…

anything where I can help people in need and help children.

It’s very important to me to support my community. My favorite Modern Woodmen programs are:

Matching Fund projects to raise money for those in need.


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We can help you review your needs and plan for your financial future throughout life. (Learn more about Modern Woodmen's Planning for Life system and products.) Because Modern Woodmen is a fraternal financial services organization, we can also explore the benefits of being a member.

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