Kiley E Reese

Kiley E Reese

Modern Woodmen membership is about relationships. We take time to get to know you and your needs. Get to know me and how we might connect.

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At work

At work

At work

Why I do what I do

Why I do what I do

I feel blessed to help individuals and their communities while earning an income. Each day, I sit down with a broad range of people to help them overcome obstacles and financial concerns. I've seen many people who seek stability and security but don't know where to start. I consider myself extremely fortunate to help my members with the initial push they seek. Everyone has the right to peace of mind.

I serve members in…

Iowa and Illinois.

I enjoy working with…

Everyone, from all walks of life -- whether you're a parent planning for your and your children's futures, a young adult setting financial goals, a small-business owner planning or implementing employee benefits, or someone planning for or in retirement.

I attended…

United Township High School and Eastern Iowa Community College, where I earned an associate's degree in finance and human resource management.

I am very proud of…

my family, my faith, and the opportunity to impact local communities and my members' lives every day.

I chose Modern Woodmen because…

I believe in what the organization does. Not only does it help members feel financially secure, but it also gives back to communities. This greater purpose separates Modern Woodmen from other financial organizations.

The best part of my career is…

meeting new people every day and helping them so many ways. I enjoy educating people about financial planning and life insurance, while also creating a place in my heart to help them in other ways. There's no greater stress than worrying about finances. When our members feel secure, it makes my job worthwhile.


I work with a wonderful group of intelligent, like-minded financial professionals. If there's anything our community needs, we are here for it.

“I serve members in Iowa and Illinois.”
At home

At home

At home

My life outside of work

My family includes…

my partner, Devon, and our four lovely kids: Hudson, 2, Carter, 6, Violet, 4, and Isabella, 9. Plus, our adorable sheprador, Duke, who is barely a year old.

In my free time, you can find me…

exploring new places in the community with my partner and close friends. Going shopping, working on DIY projects around the house, taking long walks with my family, and listening to inspirational podcasts.

I’m passionate about…

my faith, my job, and making a positive difference in the world. Being my truest, most loyal self, and never giving up. Being a wonderful partner, mother, daughter, sister, aunt and friend.

My greatest blessing is…

family, friends and good health.

My personal motto is…

"Push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you."

Community impact

In the community

In the community

My local community impact

I have lived in my community…

my entire life! Born in Silvis, Illinois, and raised in the Quad Cities.

What I like best about my community is…

It's home. It's where the people I care about live. The devotion of the community has resulted in friendships that will last a lifetime. We may be small, but the voices in this community are powerful. Whether you have a small business, unmet needs, or simply need someone to lean on, our community will contribute in some way.

I’m a member of…

The Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce, Moline's EHS board, Power of 100+ Women in the QCA, and BNI QC Connect Chapter.

My favorite volunteer activities are…

activities that benefit those in need. Our MoneyMasters programs are excellent for local schools, and I am honored to be able to present them. Our fraternal programs also allow us to collaborate with other local nonprofits and organizations. The more helping hands we have, the better.

It’s very important to me to support my community. My favorite Modern Woodmen programs are:

Matching Fund projects to raise money for those in need.

My favorite memory from a fraternal event is…

when my Modern Woodmen chapter supported a Project now, a nonprofit program in Rock Island. We not only did our members contribute to a winter supply drop-off box, but we also used chapter funds to buy new winter accessories for people who could not afford them. It's wonderful to know knowing they'll be warm and not forgotten in the bitter cold.


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We can help you review your needs and plan for your financial future throughout life. (Learn more about Modern Woodmen's Planning for Life system and products.) Because Modern Woodmen is a fraternal financial services organization, we can also explore the benefits of being a member.

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