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Linda May


Modern Woodmen membership is about relationships. We take time to get to know you and your needs. Get to know me and how we might connect.

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At work

At work

At work

Why I do what I do

Why I do what I do

I’m passionate about helping my members determine their financial goals. We work together to create a plan based on their unique needs.

I serve members in…

North Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee.

I can help you plan for life using a variety of tools, including…

life insurance and annuities.

I enjoy working with…

families just starting out, middle-aged adults, those approaching retirement and small-business owners.

I attended…

Tri-County Community College and earned a nonprofit management program certificate from the Duke University nonprofit program.

I am very proud of…

earning the 2015 FIC of the Year award.

Before Modern Woodmen, I…

was administrative assistant to foundation director, director of volunteer services, director of lifeline program, and hospitality coordinator for 17 years.

I chose Modern Woodmen because…

I was familiar with and believed in the organization - not only for how it supports members to reach their financial goals, but also for the way it supports my community and allows me to give back.

The best part of my career is…

helping my members. Whether it's protecting their families with life insurance or planning for their retirement, I feel good knowing I helped make a positive impact on their lives.

A favorite moment in my career was when…

I understood how important the plans I help with are. A family purchased a product on their children, even though they felt uneasy with the idea of receiving money from a child's death. I explained the guaranteed insurability factor: if a health issue or vehicle accident prevented the children from remaining insurable, they would still be insurable with Modern Woodmen.

“The best part of my career is helping my members. Whether it's protecting their families with life insurance or planning for their retirement, I feel good knowing I helped make a positive impact on their lives.”
At home

At home

At home

My life outside of work

My family includes…

my husband of 51 years, Joe; my son, David, and his son, Riley; and my son, Adam, and his son, Abram.

In my free time, you can find me…

walking, line dancing, reading, planting flowers, or at my grandkids' sports events.

I’m passionate about…

my church, family and friends. Also, VOLUNTEERING!

My greatest blessing is…

my health and family.

My personal motto is…

the Golden Rule, always remember to treat others how you would to be treated!

My hidden talent is…

being able to find a source to supply or answer a need.


I like being considered as a resource for my family, friends and the community. If they need something or have a question, they consider me a resource who either knows or can find out for them.

Community impact

In the community

In the community

My local community impact

I have lived in my community…

my entire life. I am a native North Carolinian.

What I like best about my community is…

the amazing, caring and giving people. It is home, always has been and always will be. Our family, friends and neighbors genuinely care for one another and give back to make this community great.

I’m a member of…

Notla Baptist Church and the MANNA Food Pantry in the Bellview Community. I'm also active in the Bellview Community Senior Center and Area Agency on Aging, and I'm a HAVEN advocate for abused children and CAC volunteer advocating for seniors living in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

My favorite volunteer activities are…

hands-on activities where I can see the results of my hard work, anything where I can help children or seniors, and anything where I can bring my grandkids to teach them the importance of giving back.

It’s very important to me to support my community. My favorite Modern Woodmen programs are:

Matching Fund projects to raise money for those in need.

My favorite memory from a fraternal event is…

when we raised over $10,000 by hosting a barbecue dinner and auction to help a local family. The father had a massive heart attack and the money helped offset the cost of final expenses.

Current insights

Current insights

Questions? I've got the answers. Understanding financial basics is key to achieving financial freedom. What financial fundamentals do you wish you understood better? Let me know in the comments.

If you have children or family members who are dependent upon you, creating a plan for the present and the future can help maintain their quality of life. I'd love to help. Give me a call today to discuss your options.

A referral from you would be so cool! Helping people is my passion. If you know someone who could benefit from financial guidance, send them my way!

Are you a parent or guardian of a child with disabilities? Identifying what they need now, and in the future, when you are no longer able to provide for them, is essential. I can help. Contact me today.


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We can help you review your needs and plan for your financial future throughout life. (Learn more about Modern Woodmen's Planning for Life system and products.) Because Modern Woodmen is a fraternal financial services organization, we can also explore the benefits of being a member.

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Modern Woodmen is licensed to sell life insurance and annuity products in most states. This information should not be considered a solicitation in those states where Modern Woodmen is not licensed.

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