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Modern Woodmen membership is about relationships. We take time to get to know you and your needs. Get to know me and how we might connect.

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At work

At work

At work

Why I do what I do

Why I do what I do

As I was growing up, my family always struggled with finances. As you can imagine, this made things very difficult. Although money doesn't buy you happiness, I know it can help. This is why I'm passionate about helping individuals and families plan to secure their financial future. My mission and promise to my members is: I will do everything in my power to make sure your needs and goals are met.

I serve members in…

Orange County, California.

I can help you plan for life using a variety of tools, including…

life insurance, annuities, mutual funds and variable annuities.

I enjoy working with…

families, young professionals, teachers and small-business owners.

I attended…

Chapman University

Before Modern Woodmen, I…

worked in the hospitality industry for five years. I've always had a passion for working with people. When I was 19 years old, one of my managers asked me, "What's your job?" I replied, "Checking people in and out." She said, "No, your job is to make people happy." Still today, that is my No. 1 job.

I chose Modern Woodmen because…

I believe in the mission, not only for how it helps its members reach their financial goals, but also because of the servant attitude. Modern Woodmen allows me to share my success with my community, and they support my role to uplift the lives of those around me.

The best part of my career is…

working with people. I firmly believe that real change can be made by making a positive impact in the lives of the people we serve. If I can help someone save for a home; if I can help someone retire; if I can help protect a family; I can feel good knowing I've helped create a better tomorrow. It's even more beautiful that the impact will go beyond our members to reach their kids and loved ones.

A favorite moment in my career was when…

I look into the eyes of my members and see the relief and peace of mind overwhelm them because they now feel like their future is brighter than ever.

“I serve members in Orange County, California.”
At home

At home

At home

My life outside of work

My family includes…

My parents, Maria and Daniel; my sisters, Maggie and Daniela; my brother, Eduardo; and our two dogs, Brownie and Chiquita.

In my free time, you can find me…

at my local skate park, where I get to speak with some of the kids in my community. Life can sometimes be very difficult for some of these kids, but I try to motivate them and share my story and successes so they can see that it's possible to have a better tomorrow.

I’m passionate about…

learning. I strongly believe that knowledge is power! Knowledge has been the key to my success. I am a true scholar at heart, and I hope to learn more and more for the rest of my life. Fun fact: my favorite weeks of the year have always been finals week. No, you didn't read that wrong. Finals week was my favorite because it was the holy grail of learning. It was the time of year where I would be pushed to my limits like never before, and in the end, I would come out successful and more capable

My greatest blessing is…

the opportunities I have.

My personal motto is…

live your life with purpose and leave the world better than you found it.

My hidden talent is…


Community impact

In the community

In the community

My local community impact

I have lived in my community…

for more than a decade!

What I like best about my community is…

the hidden potential of the people.

My favorite volunteer activities are…

working with underprivileged families and kids, because I get the opportunity to share my story and hope to inspire them.

It’s very important to me to support my community. My favorite Modern Woodmen programs are:

donating educational programs.

My favorite memory from a fraternal event is…

my first event. This happened during Thanksgiving time when we partnered with other organizations to provide the kids and families of a youth center with turkeys and other ingredients so they could have an amazing Thanksgiving dinner. Now the reason it was special to me is that it took place in my hometown of Santa Ana, California. So, not only did I get to see the fraternal work we do, I got to see it affect the people of my community.

Featured story

Featured story

Featured Story Image

Making a difference

As I continue to grow both in my professional career and as a human being, I think more and more about my community and the impact I can make. I feel blessed to have by my side an organization that actively looks to make a difference in the communities it serves. This photo was taken during an event that took place the week before Thanksgiving. Our regional director, Chad Foster, asked us to join in to help. We partnered with the Orangewood Foundation and Target to hand out turkeys and all the ingredients for a full Thanksgiving dinner, which unfortunately is a luxury a lot of families don't always have. The people who stopped by were grateful and appreciative of what we were doing, a sentiment I shared with them. I was grateful to Modern Woodmen for letting me give back to my great community of Santa Ana.


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We can help you review your needs and plan for your financial future throughout life. (Learn more about Modern Woodmen's Planning for Life system and products.) Because Modern Woodmen is a fraternal financial services organization, we can also explore the benefits of being a member.

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